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#WebSci13 Presenter Profile: Takis Metaxas

April 30, 2013
by Lisa Harris

The Rise and the Fall of a Citizen Reporter (Analysis of the Mexican Narco-tweets)

“Big Data” present an opportunity (even an obsession) to many researchers and companies, but they can miss some important human stories behind the data. Analyzing the “narco-tweets” sent by Mexicans trying to protect themselves from the war between competing drug cartels, the Police and the Army, we detect how  anonymous citizen reporters can become sources of trusted information filling the gap left by News organizations. Big data analytics point to some unusual patterns in the online presence of the most prominent citizen reporter, but they cannot tell what really is happening. She is accused falsely as collaborating with the drug cartels, her real identity exposed and terrorized.  In this paper we describe how we managed to match the important twitter messages to events on the ground and figure out what really happened. The paper, co-authored with Prof. Eni Mustafaraj, will be presented at the WebScience 2013 conference this Friday, May 4, at 2PM.

Prof. P. Takis Metaxas is interested in research on social networks, multimedia, parallel computing, image dithering and CS education. His current projects involve studying the predictive power of social network data, especially related to the prediction of political events, and in developing tools to support the privacy of the user while evaluating the trustworthiness of the information the user receives. He is a member of the CRA’s Board of Directors, a senior member of the ACM, and a member of LACS, IEEE Computer Society, SIGWEB, SIGCSE and SIGACT.

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