ACM Web Science 2013, May 2-4th in Paris

Presenter Profiles: Clare Hooper

April 16, 2013
by Lisa Harris

Clare Hooper works at the University of Southampton’s IT Innovation Centre. Originally trained as a Computer Scientist, Clare has been involved in Web Science from its early days, spoken about the topic at various venues, and published material at every WebSci conference to date. Clare is a passionate advocate for solid education to let us do good Web Science — and ensure that the rest of the world knows what Web Science is.

This year, Clare will present her paper “Web Science and the Two (Hundred) Cultures: Representation of Disciplines Publishing in Web Science”. Motivated by discussion and (at times) uncertainty in the WebSci community about its disciplinary composition, Clare has worked with colleagues to gain empirical insight into disciplinary presence in WebSci. This paper builds on work from 2012, describing: the application of Natural Language Processing and topic extraction to hundreds of Web Science articles; the subsequent graphing and visualisation of the extracted topics; and an expert review to gain insight into links between extracted topics and research disciplines. The work identified four sub-communities, trends in the Web Science conference, and which disciplines have stronger links with Web Science. Controversially, the expert review revealed a disparity between extracted topics and the topics that experts associate with Web Science.

The #WebSci13 conference runs from 2nd – 4th May in Paris. More information about the programme is available here

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